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Bamboo Dumpling Bar

A high quality dumpling joint might not be exactly what one expects to find next to a local pub in the middle of Surry Hills, but there you go. There Bamboo Dumpling Bar sits, in all of its dumplings-and-beer glory. It’s a pretty inspired move to be honest; mid-way through a beer session, and feel like some beer? Just head next door to Bamboo and let all of the above continue.Bamboo Dumpling House is elevated from the realm of run-of-the-mill dumpling eateries by some great beers and ciders on tap, hip decor, and an ambience that befits the Surry Hills address. All the usual dumpling fare is available here, done in an upmarket kind of way. Which is very tasty.Seeing as the Royal Albert Hotel is just next door, Bamboo and its pub neighbour can be utilised as one big space for the larger functions of the world. Smaller groups are obviously also welcomed, for a night of dumplings and cocktails.

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