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Bodega - older sibling to Argentinian Porteño - is probably one of the cooler places to eat yourself into the meat sweats; or to eat yourself into a food coma in general (we’re not ones to leave out our vego pals). Ben Millgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz’s take on South American and Spanish tapas has been wait-list style popular since opening its doors a few years ago, and for good reason.Inside, the vibe is exciting and slightly frenetic. The interior is somewhat 60s-inspired, with extremely hip wait staff bustling to and fro with plates of tasty morsels (try the ‘fish fingers’). The wine list is extensive, and mostly of the South American (Argentinian) and Spanish variety. The beers are good too, and are of a similar Latin breed. Muy bien, mas cerveza por favor, etcGroups of 8 or more are offered a banquet style menu to dine from, whilst larger groups of 30+ can enjoy a private Bodega evening all to themselves on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Bodega is located on Commonwealth Street, in Surry Hills. It’s not too far a walk from Central Station, and it’s in close proximity to a number of bus routes.

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