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Embers Mezze Bar

Embers Mezze Bar is one of those places that garners such crazy-good scores on restaurant review sites that one almost regards it with a sceptical glance. “Surely not.” One might think to oneself, “Surely it’s not actually THAT great”. Actually sampling the offerings at Embers though, soon prompts an immediate backpedal, to “IT IS, ACTUALLY”. Found within a gorgeous old Rococo style building, Embers Mezze Bar puts a contemporary twist on Lebanese cuisine, with an inspired modern East-meets-West approach. You could bandy around phrases like “contemporary shared dining” and “authentic techniques and flavour combinations”, or you could merely declare “I like to eat this, let’s have some more”. If you’re feeling a little indecisive or overwhelmed, the friendly staff are there to lend a hand, or you could take part in a banquet style meal. The “sharing” philosophy combined with said banquet means Embers Mezze Bar often plays host to large dining groups, and functions. Embers Mezze Bar is found along that good ol’ hotbed of delicious daytime and night life happenings, Oxford Street in Darlinghurst - somewhat near the Crown Street intersection. That it’s near all of Sydney’s best bits goes without saying, so we won’t say it.

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