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La Mint Restaurant

Is Sydney having some sort of sneaky love affair with the cuisine of French Colonial Saigon? Perhaps. In any case, you’ll not hear us complaining, especially when La Mint Restaurant is concerned. Because frankly, combining the culinary techniques of France and Vietnam makes for some very, very tasty goings on.Housed in a heritage-listed warehouse, La Mint combines decor from Saigon with French posters. There’s Vietnamese character combined with a bit of Sydney swag, combined with an ever-changing menu, with a dash of a laid-back cool. The menu on offer is full of the fresh and vibrant flavours one would expect from a restaurant specialising in mixing modern Asian flavours with French technique.As well as the restaurant proper, La Mint boasts a comfortable lounge area, perfect for escaping after a day of the ol’ business grind. If cocktails aren’t your speed though, La Mint is in possession of a rather impressive cocktail list. La Mint is a popular spot for unwinding and dining with friends, whether in large posses or small get togethers, whether indoors or outdoors.La Mint Restaurant is found in Surry Hills, on Riley Street. With that location, you’ll find yourself within strolling distance of parks, and the tourist spots of the city. There’s a host of buses within spitting distance, and both Museum and King’s Cross train stations are nearby.

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