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The Lodge Bar

The Lodge Bar is the brainchild of Ed Cutcliffe - he of Little Marionette, and Bondi Picnic. So immediately, we know we’re in good hands. It’s a bar that’s stylish, yet comfy. It’s effortlessly cool, without the cooler-than-thou vibes. There’s a WHOLE HEAP of beer and wine and port, but the goings-on don’t feel haphazard. So yeah, we like it there. Lodge is all low lighting, warm vibes, and big comfy couches. Check, check, check. There’s an outdoor courtyard, complete with mezzanine. Great in summer. For the less sunny moments, inside is just as cosy as you’d want a location calling itself “The Lodge” to be. With fireplace, natch. There are some kick-ass share plates to (stylishly) gorge oneself on, as well as an ever-changing selection of wine by the glass. If you’re in early, pick something good to be opened - that’ll be on for the night. Not that it’s difficult to “pick something good, man!”. It’s all flippin’ swell. The Lodge Bar is found along Darling Street in Balmain, on the ground level of The Lodge Balmain. Hence the name. It’s about fifteen minutes away from Sydney city by car.

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Entire Venue

Entire Venue

Balmain's Lodge Bar is as cozy as you'd want a bar called "The Lodge" to be. Oh, hey there comfy leather couches. Wassup, wooden features and dim lighting. Come hither, wine list and amazing cocktails. You too, delicious food. Also sen...

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