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The S.G

The S.G - formerly known as The Spooning Goats. There’s something we really love about that mental image... spooning goats. But the bar found in the old Mojo Music basement is now called The S.G, and that’s totally cool with us - nothing else about the rad, laid-back drinking destination has really changed at all. With recycled furniture, vaguely 70s tones, easy-going vibes, recycled glassware, and the fact that it’s in the basement of a record store, The S.G feels like you’re hanging out in someone’s living room. In the best possible way. It’s like a living room, just less in a “I just found an old pop tart in the couch cushion” and more in a “you have awesome booze and a damn Atari, bro!” kind of way. Because yes, The S.G has an Atari. Rad. In all seriousness though, these guys know their stuff and are hell-bent on supporting their local scene. All beers are brewed in NSW, all wines are Australian, all artwork is local, and local musos provide a live soundtrack every week. The S.G is great for an after work wind down, chilled-out birthday drinks, casual get togethers just because, and just about all other events. The S.G is found on York Street, Sydney. Near the corner of King Street. So, that’s also down the road from Wynyard Station and a couple blocks away from ferries and water and, you know, a harbour.

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Entire Venue

Entire Venue

The S.G! A small, cosy space filled with goats, beer, quirky things, street art, and a bar. And more beer. And good tunes. This place is great for birthday get togethers, after work drinks, and events conjured up for no reason other th...

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