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Greaser Bar

Greaser Bar is a secret bar of retro American style, found in the cellar of a 130 year old heritage Fortitude Valley building. Find the red gate, down the alley way, weave through the kitchen and see what awaits. After weaving its patrons through a back alley and fully-functioning commercial kitchen, the dingy basement bar is revealed in its rebellious glory. Walls are adorned with vintage photographs and the bluesy rock‘n’roll vibe, providing a sin-camouflaging backdrop for good times ahead.Greaser serves cheeseburgers to rival California’s greatest, while the marinated southern fried chicken is rumoured to induce tears. Greaser provides space for anything from small private gatherings to full venue affairs. Greaser’s old fashion hospitality and irresistible catering and beverage offerings will ensure your next event is remembered long after the night is finished. If the first challenge is finding the entrance, the second is resisting the fried chicken. But the third? Just try leaving the place.

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