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Destine Dance Studio

Got a party planned and need a large open space that can hold a lot of people? Then consider Destine Dance.The venue offers an excellent sound system in the main room that can play whatever you can squeeze on your phone or memory stick to keep you going the whole night, and an auxiliary sound system in the smaller room. A water cooler to keep your guests comfortable, a kitchenette for basic food prep and lighting system in the main room to create an instant party atmosphere.The venue even has an LED board to write pertinent messaged, a TV capable of playing slide shows of your images.Destine Dance Studio is in a perfect location close to public transport and just close enough to the city that you can continue partying after your event. There are many food stores nearby where you can find excellent catering options to feed your hungry guests. We can accommodate any of a number of parties from kids parties to bachelor or bachelorette celebrations.If you want to add an extra experience to the event then consider a partner dance class or floor show! These experiences are ideal for combined bachelor and bachelorette parties.If you want to decorate the space to a special theme, we can help with that too. Fellow local business, Party Bazaar has an array of costumes and decorations for you to choose from.

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