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Rare Downtown

Calling all meat lovers! Behold, you lovers of meat, Rare Steakhouse King Street. Behold, its delicious, juicy, quality pasture and grain fed beef. Behold, the way it’s brushed with a unique basting sauce, then cooked to perfection. Behold, the stylish space within the restaurant! It’s mouth-watering stuff to say the least, especially if you like meat. This is the kind of steakhouse where one pairs ridiculously good cuts of meat with ridiculously good sides, and ridiculously good wine and boutique beers. Of course, there’s also non-beef dishes and vegetarian options but come on - this is a steakhouse.Given Rare Steakhouse’s location and the fact that the restaurant is very stylish and easy on the eye, it’s an establishment well-versed in the ways of the corporate lunch or dinner. Apart from feeding suits delicious steaks, Rare is adept in playing host to private celebrations and event dinners. So even if you don’t make use of the menu, the space itself is well worth attending and filling with friends and family for a celebration.Rare Steakhouse is found on King Street, on the corner of Flinders Lane. Southern Cross Station is just a block away, and there are plenty of trams trundling around (duh, this is Melbourne).

Rare Downtown Function Rooms

Private Function Room

Private Function Room

This private dining room isn't a room so much as it is the top-level space. So first things first, the private dining space offers a pretty spectacular view of the mezzanine level and main dining room. King of the castle, etc. Seriously tho...

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The Mezzanine level is - you guessed it - above the main dining area. It caters to slightly larger groups and offers the added enticing feature of a birds-eye view of those below. Apart from that, those light features hang beside the railin...

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Ground Level

Ground Level

The Ground Level is where the action happens. By that we mean, this is the main restaurant section. There are plenty of larger tables for larger groups or corner spaces for intimate date nights. Overhead, those large and intricate light fix...

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