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Riverside Teppanyaki

Riverside Teppanyaki is a restaurant, in Melbourne’s Docklands. While it’s actually a part of Kobe Jones, Riverside Teppanyaki is an immensely popular location in its own right, in no small part because of its status as “Australia’s largest teppanyaki table”.Boasting 19 cooking stations, Riverside Teppanyaki provides diners with a memorable night of fun, and interactive spectacle. And that’s without even mentioning the immensely flavoursome food that’s available and abounding. Whether your preference is for wagyu, rock lobster, or king prawns, you’ll find a slew of tasty morsels to satisfy your tastebuds.And if you’re new to teppanyaki, don’t fret. Your personal chef will guide the group through the experience, with a setting that’s stylish and modern (while paying homage to its Japanese heritage). As a result, Riverside Teppanyaki is popular with corporate groups, hens nights, birthday celebrations, and a range of other events.Riverside Teppanyaki is found within Kobe Jones, which is in turn found along Siddeley Street in Melbourne’s Docklands. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense once you arrive at the ever-popular Japanese restaurant. The 109, 96, and 112 tram lines run past regularly, and Southern Cross train station is a short walk away.

Riverside Teppanyaki Function Rooms

Riverside Teppanyaki

Riverside Teppanyaki

This space is all about the interactive fun of teppenyaki on a super huge scale.  With the teppan table able to seat up to 44 people and with up to 19 cooking stations spotted throughout, get set for a show of epic pro...

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