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Rush Escape Game

NO ONE ESCAPES ALONE!INSPIRED BY TRUE AND FICTIONAL STORIES OUR AIM IS TO CREATE A MEMORABLE LIVE ESCAPE ROOM EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE. WE ALL LOVE A GREAT CHALLENGE SO TO ACHIEVE THIS YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE LOCKED IN AN IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENT WITH ONLY 60 MINUTES TO FIND YOUR WAY OUT.Our goal for every player of the escape game is to feel the RUSH of escaping - others would refer to this experience as "being in the zone" while researchers call it "flow". At the peak of this state you will feel great and perform at your best, action and awareness merge, time flies and self vanishes. If you have ever been involved in an activity or project where everything else was forgotten, then you will be familiar with this state.As we deliberately focus on maximising fun, playing this game feels even more exciting and engaging as you realise that NO ONE ESCAPES ALONE - this means you will need to work together as a team to overcome all of the challenges. Co-operation, critical thinking, pattern recognition and fast decision making will be required, and before you know it, your primal survival and problem solving instincts will surface to help solve unusual puzzles, uncover clues, keys and codes with the ultimate aim of escaping.ONLY ONE QUESTION REMAINS:CAN YOU ESCAPE?

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