5 Simple Steps for Overcoming Procrastination

“I don’t have to do this right now..”

“I’ll skip this one and work on it tomorrow, this weekend, next month..”

We’ve all been there. Procrastination is familiar to us all.

It can leave us stuck, unable to move and get started on tasks or projects that we set out to do.

Yes. We know what we should do. But instead of getting a move on, we’re stuck just sitting there or worse, doing something else. Something unproductive yet easy like scrolling through social media, or watching Netflix.

Procrastination is one of the most time-consuming (and time-wasting) activities one can engage in. And it’s usually born out of a lack of motivation.

So how does one overcome procrastination? These seven steps can help you succeed.

Break it down
One of the main reasons why people procrastinate is because they feel overwhelmed. Large tasks or projects can be intimidating. However, they can also be broken down into smaller and manageable segments that you can focus on one at a time.

Tip: Check which pieces of this project can be delegated to your staff or to other members of your team. If you’re a one-man band, you might want to think about outsourcing the work. Set up a deadline where you can gather all the work done and check for revision.

Focus on one task at a time
It’s easy to become overwhelmed if you try to work on several tasks or projects all at the same time. Find out your most important task for the day, break the work down into chunks, and work on it one task at a time. If you’re finding it hard to concentrate, just start working for 10 minutes straight. This will help you gain momentum and make it easier for you to continue working.

Set deadlines
It’s easy to procrastinate if there are no set deadlines. Deadlines can force you to get things done. It’s easier to get things done when you know that there’s an end in sight. So make sure that you put up deadlines for every task no matter how small.

Self-awareness is key
Be aware of where your thoughts lead you. When things get hectic and you start feeling anxious, negative thoughts and emotions can quickly escalate. Don’t dwell on them. Instead, visualise about how good you'll feel when you have finished all the tasks at hand. When you persist in forging on despite these negative feelings, you will build a resistance to them.

Just do it
Just focus on taking that first step and get to work. By taking that initial step, you’re putting yourself into a more positive state of mind. No matter how many hacks or productivity tips you read, they won’t work unless you do. Eva Young was right when she said, ““To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.”

Use these five steps for overcoming procrastination, and you will experience an increase in productivity over every area in your life.


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