How to choose the right seating layout for your event

Guestlist finalized, date set, and now you have just found the perfect venue for your next event. What next?

One of the most critical steps to set up any event is seating arrangements. Whether you are hosting a casual birthday lunch, an important business meeting, a lavish wedding, seating matters.

Choosing how your guests will be placed, sets the tone for the type of environment and feel you are trying to create. So how do you find the perfect layout to fit your vision?

1. Cocktail Seating Arrangement

The seating arrangement with no seats! This is the most beneficial arrangement for large group events such as cocktail parties, weddings, and business mixers. You get the maximum use of the floor space with excellent guest engagement as they can mingle freely.

2. Theatre Style Seating Arrangement

Who doesn’t love a date to the theatre? With a very similar arrangement to a movie cinema, this layout consists of rows or arcs of chairs, all facing the same direction. There are no tables or desks, so note-taking is difficult. This layout is best suited to product launches or presentations.

3. Boardroom Style Seating

More of an intimate seating, this involves one long or oval table with attendees on either side.

Perfect for board and business meetings of around 25 guests. This style of seating allows discussions to flow easily between each side of the table.

AKA: classroom-style seating. This is very similar to the table groups you loved in school and university. All tables are faced towards the front with desks suitable for note-taking, food, and/or beverages. This is a great layout to keep everyone focused on the presenter and allows your group to work and engage amongst each other.

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4. Horseshoe Seating Arrangement

Exactly as the subheading suggests, this layout is set up in a ‘U’ - shape, much like a horseshoe. A practical arrangement that allows all attendees to see each other visibly and the focal point, being the open end of the ‘U’.

Easily split down the middle into two sides, this is a winner for debates and discussions.

5. Banquet Style Seating

A popular choice for weddings. This layout, set up in small groups of round tables, encourages interaction among the guests at your event.

You can also incorporate fun trivia and games to get everyone involved and laughing.

6. Hollow Square

Similar to the horseshoe layout without an open-end, this is another great arrangement for interaction. All four sides of the square have the option to vocalize with each other easily.

This works great for dinners of set numbers or business training groups as the leading person is in the center talking to each side collectively.

Now you’re equipped with seven fail-proof options to create the perfect space and feel for your next event it’s time to put that knowledge to use. Have you jumped one step ahead and are still yet to find the perfect venue? Head to VenueNow to explore thousands of handpicked, exclusive venues at the best prices!

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