8 common types of corporate events & why they’re important

From tiny meetings to grand-scale presentations and celebrations, in the business world, there are more types of corporate events than you can count on both hands. We boil down to eight of the most common, and why these types of corporate event types are important for productivity, employee happiness and overall company perception.


Conferences are a great opportunity for educating employees and encouraing networking. They allow businesses to share exciting upcoming products, educate staff and workshop ideas. They can be small or large, single or multi-day, in-house or public. Conferences require a large amount of planning, well in advance. Event planning tools, such as VenueNow, are an easy way to cut down on the amount of time spent sourcing a venue (one of the largest consumers of time).

Meetings, great and small

Meetings are a necessary evil part of any business. Offsite meetings are great for when you're bringing together multiple department heads, executives or involving multiple companies. Moving meetings offsite is also an easy way to create a neutral space when planning negotiation or mediation meetings. Functional, top notch AV, natural light, and a clean, quiet space are the three must-haves of any meeting space. The enquiry to booking ratio for this corporate event type is one of the fastest in the industry. Booking via a third party site like VenueNow can allow you to have all the information in one spot, further accelerating the process.

Product launches

Built a new tool, or releasing a new product? You gotta tell people about it! Product launches can be simple, intimate events, or lavish, all-out celebrations. The key to a successful product launch is matching the event and the styling to your product. The venue, the setup, even what’s available to eat – it’s the details that make an impact on consumers. Gift bags, or at least, a sample of the product, are an imperative feature of this corporate event type. #swag

Christmas party/appreciation event

An annual staple on the corporate event calendar. Christmas parties are a great way to reward your staff, colleagues, suppliers and contractors for an amazing year. End the year on a high note with a Christmas party everyone will enjoy. Gather the team for fun activities, head to a trendy venue or send the year off in style at a swanky bar. There will be booze.

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Corporate retreats

Relax, recharge, and get planning. Loosening people up can get the creative juices flowing. Corporate retreats are the perfect place to take part in team building, brainstorming workshops, quarterly planning and bond fun with your colleagues! Successful corporate retreats should leave your employees rejuvenated and inspired, with a collective goal firmly planted.


This is one of the most important corporate event types for any business. It’s the CEO's opportunity to show to shareholders, investors and key stakeholders how the business is going and what their plan is for the year ahead. Planning AGMs ahead of time will ensure that everyone can attend and can stay informed about what the next year holds.


Share, learn, repeat! Workshops are a great way to get your team to learn or share new skills. Ongoing learning helps teams acquire new skills that they can apply to both work and life. Workshops are a great way to target skills necessary for new projects, improve teamwork and motivate your team.

Gala dinners

Tuxes and gowns are commonplace at this very formal corporate event type. Gala dinners have a multitude of purposes. They can be to raise money for a particular charity, facilitate an awards night, or to celebrate your brand or product. Finding the right venue will bring your whole event together and instantly set the tone for the evening.

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