Inside Look: Woolshed Melbourne Re-Launch

On an unusually warm April night, Woolshed Melbourne opened its doors for its re-launch party, allowing hundreds of lucky guests a glimpse at the newly refurbished venue.

Since the fire that tore through the roof of the venue in November, Woolshed has gone through some major renovations. The end result is a sleek, chic and shiny venue that makes the most of its beautiful harbour surroundings.

Bathed in purple light, the downstairs main bar was full of excited beautiful people, sipping cocktails and remarking on the grand space. Many milled around the potato and taco stations eagerly eyeing off the dishes being set out. And as soon as those spuds and tacos hit the stands, people flocked. Can confirm – the fish goujon tacos were a tasty, crunchy treat. And the potato gems were gone in the flash of an eye.

"We put in so much effort, in terms of the look, feel, style, drinks and food," says events manager Lee Cleal. "I always say to my team, anyone can do the big stuff, but what makes an event is the amount of detail; the nitty gritty."

Refurbished Woolshed
A glimpse of the new Woolshed.

Outside, guests simply stared at the beautiful view of the Docklands lights shimmering on the harbour. Lillet cocktails were handed out, ice cubes clinking. Woolshed Melbourne were blessed with unseasonable warmth and cloudless skies. It was the perfect space to enjoy the view and catch up with friends.

After the official speeches, guests were treated to a live electric violinist and DJ. Mesmerising would be the best way to describe it. The violinist plucked and bowed her way through some contemporary hits, losing a few bow strings during the vigour, but never losing her cool.

Next, was a live singer and something that appears to have made a real resurgence in the past few years - a live saxophonist. People happily boogied on the spot, sipping their drinks and grabbing a crispy prawn...or six.

Throughout the night, guests were occasionally excusing themselves to grab a cheeky Krispy Kreme off the donut wall. Yes, a wall of donuts.

"We wanted to engage every sense, and I think we did that," said Lee.

They sure did.

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