Meet Brett Fox from

Brett (1)SpareWorkspace can literally bring people together. Just ask Brett Fox from online photography school, who met his co-founder (a prominent professional photographer) at a coworking space in Sydney.

What started as a quick conversation around the proverbial water cooler three years ago, has grown into a successful startup business with over 80,000 students and $500,000 in yearly revenue.

Brett continues to meet and learn from other fellow 'flexible workers.' "Being in different workspaces, I often encounter a variety of inspirational people - from musicians, to corporate sales, to accountants," says Brett. It's a mixed bag of skills!

As a self proclaimed 'digital nomad,' Brett has worked from all sorts of locations including Chiang Mai in Thailand, San Francisco and all around Australia.

That's why Spare Workspace suits him to a tee - he's never in the one spot for very long, which means he can book on-demand workspace when and where he needs it.

Of course, Brett still has his favourite spaces. "When I'm in Brisbane it's definitely Fishburners Brisbane, while I love working from a rooftop of a music studio when I'm in San Francisco." Brett's choice of spaces is hardly surprising given his music background.

Brett is acutely aware of the difficulties creatives encounter when learning things and was created to address this. Amateur photographers are given the confidence to transform their photography via comprehensive training guides and tutorials. Similarly, the tasks of a co-founder are varied so Brett finds that he needs different types of environments to suit his work.

"Creative work is best done with others, so without a doubt open coworking spaces are best for serendipitous ideation," says Brett. But when it comes to knuckling down on work that requires full concentration, he prefers to book dedicated space like a meeting room where there are no distractions.

Look out for Brett in a Spare Workspace near you - you never know which state, city or country he'll crop up in next. Check out Photzy at

Brett's Top 3 Productivity Hacks

  1. The Pomodoro Technique - limit the amounts of time on a task to 25 minutes, with a 5-minute break in between.
  2. Get up at 5am
  3. Use a tasking calculator


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