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There's something inherently romantic and elegant about garden parties. They immediately evoke a sense of refinement – think champagne and canapés amongst the flowers. Whether it's for a wedding, party or corporate event, garden parties are a crowd pleaser. Think wineries, gardens, courtyards – make your next event a classy garden party affair. Check out our top picks by clicking below.

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Sometimes the perfect venue is an intimate bar. Sometimes it's a fancy function space. And other times, you just need the biggest venue going around to accommodate what you're planning – whether it's a conference, trade show, launch or awards ceremony.

Sometimes you’ve got all the event details covered but you just need a big, beautiful blank space to accommodate your guests, and present your vision. Melbourne is the place to be for warehouse venues and blank canvas spaces, especially if all you need is 4 white walls in a trendy suburb.

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Balmy evenings call for outdoor space, clear city views and social gatherings under the stars.

You've heard the hype, blank canvas venues are the new cool kid on the block and Melbourne is home to some of the best.

It doesn't matter if you're 25, or 55 – adding an activity to your event is bound to energise your guests.

Blessed with warm weather (almost) all year round and surrounded by the sea, Sydney is the perfect city for cocktails and craft beer in the sunshine.

It's one of the most frequent requests the Venuemob team receives: a smokers section that isn't entirely removed from an event space.

There are a number of incredible large-scale venues in Sydney that combine size with unique styling and event prowess.

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