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Cinema 10 at Village Cinemas Century City

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Sireesha Kalva (Siri) profile photo

Sireesha Kalva (Siri)

January 28, 2024

We had a delightful Christmas holiday weekend getaway with fewer crowds. One highlight was experiencing Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in 4Dx, where you could feel the actions and water splashing during underwater scenes. The combination of motion, water, and action provided a uniquely immersive movie experience complemented by comfortable seating. I suggest avoiding food and drinks during a 4Dx show. Being Vrewards members, we benefited from reasonable ticket prices and an additional discount. The venue offered ample free outdoor parking, and the crowd was pleasantly decent.

Samuel Jobe profile photo

Samuel Jobe

September 5, 2023

Hold on tight and buckle up! The 4DX experience at Village Cinemas in Century City is a roller-coaster of sensory overload. Let me break it down: 🎥 The 4DX Experience: This isn't your grandma's cinema experience. The 4DX was intense—like being on a roller coaster, complete with water sprays. Imagine holding onto your popcorn for dear life as your seat shakes and jolts you around. It's a fun twist, but be prepared—it's much more intense than you might expect. My girlfriend and I got a good laugh from the water sprays, although the theatrics can be a bit distracting from the movie itself. 🍿 Candy Bar and Amenities: Expensive but good quality. You pay for what you get and the service was exceptional. The cinema has a dated charm but is immaculately maintained. Everything from the corridors to the restrooms was spotless. 🚗 Parking: Here's where it hurts. The parking situation isn't ideal and added some unnecessary stress to our outing. Not really the cinema's fault, but it's part of the overall experience. 👍 Overall: If you're looking for a movie experience that engages all your senses, this is it. It's the only cinema offering 4DX and for that alone, it's worth the drive. Will it replace traditional cinema for me? No. But is it a wild ride that I can highly recommend? Absolutely. We'll definitely be back for more. 🎬🍿

lyldaw profile photo


October 10, 2023

So some salesman said to one of Village's purchasing officers, "hey, I can save you heaps of money on your toilet paper!" Hahahaha except! False economy!! Cos you got to use 3 to 4 times as much not to get **** in your fingers! Stupid, so thin you can tear it by blowing in it! Yes, cheaper by the roll, but dearer cos you need to purchase more!! Suckers!! Good cinema though.

Ebaad Ali profile photo

Ebaad Ali

December 30, 2022

We watched avatar in 4dx and it was one of the best experiences we ever had. It was too good with smooth process and we had student discounts as well. Really loved the place and everything was good. Definitely worth going ✌️👍🏻

Tim G profile photo

Tim G

November 3, 2023

I remember when this place first opened, I was still in school. This place hasn't changed a bit, and that's what's great and what's wrong about it. In dire need of a renovation. The screens and seats all feel old and dated. Please come and see movies here. Sometimes you get the whole cinema to yourself. They need the funds for a renovation

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