12 Top Valentine’s Day Spots in Sydney

Valentine's Day is upon us – and even if you profess to not caring (whether or not you're attached), it's difficult to ignore. So, do you double down and embrace the cheese in your own way, do you celebrate singledom with your single mates, or do you take your beloved out for a nice romantic time on a date that isn't February 14 just to make a point?

Whatever you end up doing, an no matter how romance-inducing you plan on making the day/night, chances are you'll need a spot for a snack or a tasty beverage. Here are our picks of the bar and restaurant litter – perfect for any date in the month of February.

Love, Tilly Devine

Grab a seat in this diminutive, cosy neighbourhood favourite – the vibes are top notch for a night out with someone you might be keen on, or are definitely keen on, or have been keen on in a reciprocated kind of way for some time. The wine list is 300-strong, the food is delicious. Grab a window seat and settle in.


An urban oasis situated in the heart of the CBD, Verandah is both cool, yet warmly welcoming and approachable. Its central location is also ideal for those busy corporate couples meeting one another after a long day in the office.

Valentine's Day Sydney


A cocktail bar inspired by the liberation of Paris post-WWII, from the brains behind Lobo Plantation, Kittyhawk is an impressive and elegant bar, complete with conservatory sporting city views.

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Surry Hills
This bunker bar is as funky as it is welcoming. Grab a table, and some snacks and try a cocktail made from 'Mistelle' – a culturally French beverage dating back to the 16th Century. Ooh la la!

Valentine's Day Sydney

Golden Age Cinema and Bar

Dinner and a movie – the tried and true date. If you feel like catching a flick but would rather inject some excitement into the formula, why not add Art Deco vibes and some really, really good cocktails at the super cute Golden Age Cinema and Bar?

Handpicked Wines Cellar Door

Love wine? Of course you do. It's great. Celebrate the love you have for wine (and your partner, we guess) at Handpicked Wines Cellar Door. The team at this venue know their wine, and will be happy to recommend something to suit your palate and budget.  Grab a bottle from the retail shop on the way out and keep the good times rollin'.

Small Bar

Tucked into a heritage sandstone three-storey terrace. Small Bar is a deceptively simple name for what is a thoroughly enjoyable (and much loved) CBD haunt. Order a nice bottle of wine, tuck yourself into a corner and have a good ol' time.


Even if you don't buy into the whole Hallmark-sponsored lovefest of Valentine's Day, at the very least it's a great excuse to grab your partner and do something a bit special. This Greek-inspired restaurant is great for a low-key date that still feels like you're really treating yourselves.


Double Bay
Pelicano's knows its brand – European summer meets sleek decor meets frequent nods to modern art meets cocktails and a seaside location. Start with a Mediterranean dinner and a few drinks, before the sun goes down and DJs send you to the dance floor.

El Topo

Tacos! Taquitos! Tequila! Hell yeah! If you and your Valentine's date love to bop along to bangers, shoot tequila and down a few hearty tacos, then you better get booking. El Topo is bright, colourful and a fun spot to celebrate Cupid's birthday...or whatever it is.

Claire's Kitchen

This central bar is all Parisian Art Deco charm and romance. Comfy leather couches, lighting that's moodier than a gothic teenager in summer, and cocktails to make your lips pucker – in perfect preparation for your Valentine's kiss.

Rocker Bondi

If you like long walks on the beach, and even longer sessions at the bar, Rocker Bondi fits the bill. It offers that healthy balance of beautifully crafted food that's also deliciously moreish. Flip through the drinks list and settle in for a cosy night.

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