7 kids’ birthday party ideas for all budgets in Sydney

Everyone has at least one fond memory of a kids' birthday party from their childhood. Whether it was your Punky Brewster-themed 6th birthday party or your kindy bestie's Pizza Hut buffet bonanza, there's something magical about a kids' birthday party. They often involve dress-ups, games, a ridiculous amount of snacks, and the holy grail – the goody bag at the end.

And now you have little ones of your own, you want to recreate that butterfly-in-the-tummy level of excitement. That feeling of being the birthday boy or girl, and all the gift-wrapped trimmings that come along with it.

So, if you're looking for special kids' birthday party ideas, no matter your budget, VenueNow can help. VenueNow has some of the best kid's party venues for you to choose from, so party planning has never been this easy!


Centennial Homestead

Set in the middle of Centennial Parklands, Centennial Homestead is a beautiful cafe that caters to big and little guests. If your entire extended family is celebrating with you, this is a great weatherproof option. The nearby nature playground from the Ian Potter Foundation is also something to behold. For those on a tight budget, with faith in Sydney's weather, pick a spot in the park for a low-key picnic.


SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

How many kids can claim they had their birthday party under the sea?! The aquarium is a great place for a kids' birthday party – full of fun, discovery and some of nature's greatest marine life. This is a great option for those busy parents who are time-poor, as the function package is all-inclusive. Everything from invitations to snacks and cupcakes is taken care of. Birthday parties at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium also come with a special VIP experience in the form of an exclusive animal encounter, so your little one can feel extra special.

Birthday party packages start from $55 per child.

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The Courtyard - Adina Apartment Hotel Chippendale

Adina Apartment Hotel Chippendale

Tucked away in the heart of Chippendale is The Courtyard – a magical space where kids can run wild and parents can relax. The lush greenery, colourful lights, and charming outdoor furniture make it an ideal backdrop to special events. For kids' parties, the venue provides a range of food and beverage packages, but you're also welcome to bring your own. This birthday party venue is best suited to those who want something a little more special and are willing to pay for it.


Virtual Room Sydney

Virtual Room Sydney

At Virtual Room, Virtual Reality is used. Instead, this immersive experience involves a team of up to six players who are each immersed in their own world via virtual reality headsets. Unlike anything they've done before, this 40-50 minute adventure blends the escape room concept with a full 3D cinematic experience to deliver a truly unique experience in central Sydney. Participants must work together to solve puzzles, complete challenges and escape the game. This party room is ideal for kids aged 8+ and an exciting way for them to celebrate their special day!

Birthday party packages start from $59 per child.


Tarpeian Lawn at Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Tarpeian Lawn at Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

If you're looking for the best kids' party venues in Sydney, with its sprawling lawns, majestic views and lush surroundings, Tarpeian Lawn at the Royal Botanic Gardens is a fantastic spot for outdoor children's parties. There's plenty of space to set up outdoor party games for kids as well as picnic blankets for food and drinks. There's even a party area to set up a jumping castle. Plus you can bring your own decorations to the outdoor space and cake to make it extra special.


WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

kids' birthday party venues

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is the perfect place to host a kid's birthday party. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! From tiny technicolour butterflies to the prehistoric crocodiles, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo will take your little party guests to say hello to nature's most fascinating animals. If you're looking to go that extra step, parents can opt for a package that includes an animal encounter. So, if little Timmy or Tammy has been begging for a pet snake...this way they can pet the snake and leave it in the zoo.

Birthday packages start at $30pp.


Escape Hunt Sydney

kids' birthday party venues

Seemingly out of nowhere, escape rooms suddenly became one of the most popular group activities available. A great option for mini detectives and brainiacs, Escape Hunt Sydney places your group in a room, a century ago in London. Using logic and puzzle-solving skills, you have to basically work out 'whodunnit' in order to gain your freedom. Dressing up is definitely encouraged. (Just picture it – tiny Sherlock Holmes. Cute.)

Party packages start from $29.50 per kid.

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Other birthday party ideas

Looking for something different? Why not opt for a few hours of laser tag or have an adventure in the trampoline park? You could even plan an exciting treasure or scavenger hunt to keep kids entertained and active. Alternatively, if you're looking for activities that will bring out your little one's creative side, consider hosting a paint party with poting to add a little more fun and excitement. Look no further than our list of the best Kids' Birthday Party Venues in Sydney. From themed venues to immersive experiences, you'll find something for everyone at these places. Book your event today and make it an unforgettable birthday celebration!


Tips for a successful birthday party in Sydney

Planning to make your birthday party extra special? Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect event:

1. Prepare in advance - start planning at least a couple of months before and book the venue early.

2. Set a budget and stick to it - this will help you stay within financial limits, so keep track of what you are spending.

3. Get creative - use decorations and personalized touches to make the event stand out from ordinary birthday parties.

4. Make it memorable - create a lasting memory for your guests by incorporating activities that will entertain them throughout the party.

5. Have fun - most of all, remember to enjoy yourself!

Happy planning!

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