7 Unique Corporate Retreat Venues

Corporate retreats are a great tool for getting your team to really fire up and come up with new ideas that are going to result in tangible improvements for your business. And it doesn’t have to be just fluorescent lighting, notepads and mints. And here at VenueNow, we're seeing a real shift towards unique corporate retreats.

Top team retreat venues

Unique corporate retreats – even just saying it makes you feel excited. Combine meetings, team building and rewards in one amazing setting and you’re sure to hit the ground running into the next quarter.

Here are some unique corporate retreat ideas to choose from:

unique corporate retreat venues

Tailor-made indulgence

Situated in postcard-perfect Hunter Valley, Kirkton Park Hunter Valley is a winner for unique corporate retreats. With all the facilities on site for a full-blown conference, you can make the most of your time away from the desk. And best of all –Kirkton Park Hunter Valley is the master of the unique experience – from bonfires, to craft beer tasting and everything in between. Your next company retreat will be filled with unforgettable memories.

unique corporate retreat venues


Get cast away, without the hassle of being in a plane crash or having to use palm leaves as toilet paper. The Tangalooma Island Resort is a short boat ride from Brisbane across Moreton Bay. There are a number of boardrooms and meeting rooms where teams can stir up a (tropical) brainstorm. And at the end of your busy day full of talks and presentations, you can hand-feed the dolphins at sunset. Dolphins are one of nature’s smartest creatures after all, maybe they’ll have some good ideas on how to improve your margins by 7% next quarter.

Orso Bayside

Orso Bayside

Orso Bayside is superbly positioned on Sydney’s Middle Harbour, adjacent to the Spit Bridge in Mosman. Hire the whole venue for an exclusive corporate retreat, bond with your team over waterside activities such as kayaking or paddle boarding and indulge in Mediterranean-style cuisine. With views of the water from every room and access to some of Sydney’s best beaches, it's a unique spot for your next corporate retreat that you can't pass up.

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unique corporate retreat venues

Swing and a hit

If there’s one thing that corporates love, it’s golf...and generalisations. Golf is the sport of choice for nobles, executives and presidents (Obama, I’m looking at you). At The Banksias retreat in Crescent Head, you’re surrounded by beach, bush, serenity and a par 33 golf course. For those who don’t like to chip, drive and putt, you can sit in the outdoor spa, head onto the beach or meander through the beautiful Limeburners National Park. How’s the serenity?

unique corporate retreat venues

Purple is a fruit

Cocktails by the pool is such a cliché. Instead, go for wine by the pool! Much classier. And wine is (sort of) good for you! So it’s basically a health retreat. Two birds, one stone. At the Novotel Barossa Valley Resort, you’re smack bang in the middle of one of the best wine-growing regions in the world. Spend the morning in presentations, and then spend the afternoon at Jacob’s Creek winery, which is literally around the corner.

unique corporate retreat venues

Celebrate the classics

FINE – you can have drinks with umbrellas and deck chairs...and endless sunshine, conference rooms, and a golf course and cocktails on a superyacht! Sounds like a scene out of Wolf of Wall Street. But you don’t have to commit a federal offence to experience the good life. The InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort in Queensland has got you covered. You may need to supply your own sunscreen though.

unique corporate retreat venues

One-stop shop

Conference spaces. Accommodation. Amazing food. Bocce. Beach. Everything you need is within a 2km radius of Mantra Lorne. Spend the morning team building with a round of bocce, the afternoon in team meetings, and the evening strolling down to Lorne Beach to watch the sunset. Being in one of the most relaxing and beautiful locations in Victoria, there’s no better place to unwind after a busy day, month or year of working hard.

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Other company retreat ideas

Looking for something more unique? here are some other company retreat ideas for the entire team:

River cruising

Ever consider river cruises for your corporate retreats? Well, you’re not alone – river cruises are one of the hottest trends in corporate retreats. Spend a few days on the Murray River with luxury houseboats from Hireaboat Australia.

Rainforest retreat

For those looking to truly escape the hustle and bustle of corporate life, why not consider an eco-retreat in a rainforest? Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature with a team-building retreat at Danbulla Rainforest Cottages in Far North Queensland.

Adventure activities

Invigorate your team with an adventure activity like white-water rafting, rock climbing or abseiling. Encourage collaboration and communication among your team members with the ultimate challenge of navigating a course of cascading rapids or conquering a jagged cliff face.

Scavenger Hunt

Transform your corporate retreat to a whole new level with an exciting scavenger hunt. Designate clues that lead around the city or town, challenging team members to solve puzzles and riddles as they go. The first team to find all the items on the list wins!

Escape Rooms

Looking to challenge your team's problem-solving skills? An escape room is a great way to push boundaries and foster creativity. With challenges ranging from puzzles to scavenger hunts, this unique corporate retreat will make sure that your team is on their toes.

Cooking Class

Show your team a different side of you by getting them all together in the kitchen! Cooking classes are an excellent way to build cooperation, communication and teamwork within your organisation. Plus, you’ll end up with plenty of delicious food as a reward for everyone’s hard work.


What should I keep in mind when retreat planning?

Corporate retreat planning requires careful consideration of team dynamics, location, budget and objectives.

Team Dynamic/Company Culture

It’s important to consider what type of activity would be best suited for your team in order to achieve the desired results. It is also important to ensure that all Team-Building activities are appropriately supervised and that everyone has access to any necessary safety equipment. A company might choose to have small team breakouts to work on a specific project or set goals for the year. For remote teams, offsite company retreats could serve as a rare opportunity to brainstorm and work together in person.


Time, budget and objectives should all be taken into account when planning a corporate retreat. You’ll need to decide on the retreat location, team size, duration of the retreat and any other essential factors such as transportation or accommodation.

Planning Process

It is important to involve key stakeholders such as the HR team, executives and managers in the retreat planning process. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to setting goals and expectations for the retreat. It’s also important to keep track of progress throughout the planning stages, so you can adjust your plans if necessary.

Have Fun!

Companies host retreats beyond traditional corporate retreats and seek out unique experiences that will make your team come together in an enjoyable way. Whether it’s a river cruise, rainforest retreat, adventure activities or escape rooms – these are all amazing opportunities to bond with colleagues and have some fun! Be sure to plan plenty of activities that everyone can enjoy.

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