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Excellence 1 at Arrow on Swanston

Why you'll love this venue

  • Located in the heart of Melbourne CBD and Melbourne's Educational Hub
  • Flexible event spaces, accommodation and catering options
  • Equipped with an outdoor pool, a fitness room and coin-operated laundry
The total size of this function room is 30 sqm it can accommodate 30 guest theatre style. This venue offers catering options for food and beverage requirements and function room amenities to ensure they meet your every need for a successful outcome of your event.

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Amenities & Extras

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Food & Beverage

Bar Tab$
Coffee / Tea$
Filtered Water
Venue Offers Catering$

Audio Visual Equipment (AV)

Video Conferencing$

Other Amenities & Extras

Air Con
Dance Floor
External Music or DJ$
Flip Chart$
Natural light
On-Site Parking$
Pens & Paper$

Google iconReviews for Arrow on Swanston

Jessica Doll profile photo

Jessica Doll

October 9, 2023

I wish you could give no stars because that's what this place deserves!! We booked our room months in advance, twenty minutes before we arrived they sent an email saying they had to cancel our booking. We didn't see the email because we were in the car driving so when we arrived we found out they had cancelled our booking. After a few moments of us being shocked and trying to take that in the clerk, seemingly reluctantly, said he could find us another room in another hotel and that it would take 10-15 minutes for him to do that. After waiting for AN HOUR with no update I got on my phone and found another room in a hotel 5 minutes away, when I went up to speak to them about it they firstly ignored me, then later said that room wasn't available. My friend called the hotel and confirmed the room was available, it was then we found out that they were trying to find a room at the same price we had paid them,... at the last minute, in Melbourne Central. Impossible. They didn't offer to cover part of the cost of the new hotel, or anything else and seemed annoyed that we didn't just leave and expected them to do something to help us out. We were out of pocket hundreds of dollars because they had no idea how long the refund for the room they cancelled on us would take, we're still waiting on the refund so it had better come through. And then to top it all off we later received a phone call from the booking agent asking why we cancelled, the hotel had told them that WE cancelled the booking, we were more than happy to provide the email showing that the hotel cancelled not us. Disgraceful service, not a single good thing to say about them. Run. Run far away from this place.

Tara Marshall profile photo

Tara Marshall

November 19, 2023

Was kind of apprehensive to stay here because of the reviews but was pleasantly surprised. Decent rooms (a tad run down but nothing to complain about), everything was clean. Just missing hand towels which we contacted service about and was resolved. The only thing to really complain about is the doors and noise. There were bands playing upstairs and quite a few people running around and yelling at midnight. The doors also close very loudly even when you close them softly. Staff were a little bit distant but nothing too bad.

Jack Chique profile photo

Jack Chique

November 3, 2023

The staff are not welcoming, they don't give any information about the facilities. The room is nothing like advertised. The advertised balcony is just a big window looking into some carparks. The hallway to our room smelt like poo water. The up sides: good hot shower, the bed is comfy. Also no smoking aloud on the "balcony" and when I asked where I could smoke they just kind of laughed at me. If your just looking for a place to sleep, this will do. If your looking to enjoy your self id stay elsewhere.

Tammy Pullens profile photo

Tammy Pullens

November 27, 2023

Hi we got there Friday afternoon and sat down in the reception area and it was hot and humid. They had no ac in there. Our coach arrived and they said that we need to pay 100 for each room deposit but she got an email stated that she only needed to pay 100. So she got angry and we paid for the 100. We get to our rooms thinking about the pictures on the website but nope they were small and disgusting. Some had hair on the floor which was a cm thick, mold in the bathroom and carpets. I was sitting down on the futon and saw a mouse run from under the door in the kitchen and behind the fridge. I went down to reception and told them. They rang management and he told me to go back to my room. Them about an hour later aan knocked and he bought rat baits with him. He looked behind fridge and in the bedroom wardrobes for holes. I'm like why are you looking in there. The mouse came from the foyer. While I waited for the lift to my room I could smell marijuana coming from the carpark. Oh and we also had to pay $25 for a day to store our car so most of us paid 50. But I left Saturday night as one of my kids were crying and wanted to go home. They said they are going to build a sister hotel or buy one not sure. If I could this hotel no stars I would. Do not stay here as the rooms do not look like the pictures. Also had no hand towel and tea towel in our room. Next time I hope to stay with family .

Liam Mclennan profile photo

Liam Mclennan

November 22, 2023

We had our room booked for over 6 months. Confirmed via email 2 days proir that we were going to be arriving late due to flights. Got to the hotel at 1am only to be told that our room was not available. But they would gave somewhere for us to sleep the night and our room was available the following night. Got given a storeroom (brothel suit) between the gym and the sauna with no key to be able to leave the room, no phone reception and peep holes above the bed that lead to the male public toilets. Spoke the the manager the following morning only to be told that they had no rooms and nowhere for us to stay.

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Venue Hours

PricingFrom $264

Event Types

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