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652 Christening venues for hire in Sydney

24 - 350 Person Event Space

11 Hickson Road Walsh Bay, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

96 - 350 Person Event Space

Terrace Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park, Sydney NSW 2000

21 - 130 Person Event Space

11 Hickson Road Walsh Bay, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

100 - 200 Person Event Space

11 Hickson Road Walsh Bay, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

140 - 350 Person Event Space

Level 2/100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo NSW 2000, Australia

200 - 650 Person Event Space

Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

25 - 220 Person Event Space

Terrace Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park, Sydney NSW 2000

50 - 350 Person Event Space

447 Harbourside shopping centre, Level 2, 2-10 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour NSW 2000, Australia

20 - 150 Person Event Space

52 King Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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Sydney Christening Venue Hire Guide

A christening is a special celebration done in honour of your little one. It is an important milestone for any family, and should be done with proper planning and preparation.

Our guide covers all the things to think about when considering the perfect location for your christening; this includes finding the right outfit, choosing the ideal guest list, deciding on an appropriate theme, and finding a reception venue that can accommodate your guest list.

Where to book a Sydney Christening Venue

Following your child's christening, it’s common to arrange a reception or party. Here are some of the best venues in Sydney to host your christening event:

Restaurants and private dining rooms

If you want to have your reception in places other than your house, then you may want to consider having them in a restaurants or private dining room. The advantage of choosing restaurants or private dining room is that it won’t only cater to your guests but also will ensure you get quality food and service. Some restaurants may also already have in-house entertainment that you can hire for your guests to make the event more memorable.

Hotels and function rooms

If you have a bigger guest list, then renting a function venue will work best for the occasion. Typically, a hotel function space has the capacity to accommodate up to hundreds of guests. You can also easily set everything up in one place, so you don’t need to do any extra work for your event. Many hotels, especially five-star ones even offer special packages for christening receptions.


You may opt to have your simple reception in your house. This will definitely save you from the trouble of finding a venue and catering for your guests. But, it will also have limitations. If you are going to hold a larger event, however, your house may not be able to accommodate everyone; therefore opting for an alternative is ideal.

Checklist for Christening Venues

Your baptism party should be appropriately respectful of the event it honours, but it is also a time to relax with those close to you and enjoy time with your little one. Now that you have an idea on what kind of christening venue you're looking for, we've listed down a simple checklist to make your planning stages a little easier.

Priest, vicar, other celebrants

First thing's first, look for a church where you want your child to be baptised, and book an appointment with the priest, vicar or other celebrants.

Each church has different requirements and conditions, so it's best to discuss this first with them. Some churches may even ask few questions apart from which day you'd like the ceremony on and the names of your godparents, while other will want more details about your own faith, so better be prepared for that.

Guest List

Now's the time to decide on the guest list, including your child's godparents. Ask yourself: Who do you want to be present during your child's important milestone?

Traditionally, godparents are chosen because of their strong faith and beliefs, helping you guide your child as they grow up. It is best to choose people who you feel will be good role models, people who would instill in your child proper values and beliefs.

When choosing a godparent, you may ask yourself these questions: What role do you want them to play in your child's life? Would I be comfortable having this person raise my child if I weren’t able to? Will this person be present in your life (and your child's life) in the long run? If the answer is yes, then you should consider them as potential godparents.

Venue and catering

Christenings are a special celebration to bring your friends and family together so it is customary to host celebrations of some sort after the service. This could be the formal gathering reception or a more informal celebration at home.

When choosing a venue for your christening, consider these factors: Would it fit the size of your guest list? Can you afford to hold the event there? Do you need any special arrangements like marquee? What kind of catering do they provide? Is it near the church where you had the baptism?

Luckily there are different christening venues in Sydney to choose from! There is a huge array of restaurants, private dining rooms, and dedicated function spaces that would happily host your entire family for this special celebration. 


Once you've decided on who you want to invite to your child's christening and where you want to hold this celebration, it's time to design and send out your invitations.

Be sure your invitation include information such as the date, time, church location, reception address, gift policy, and dress code of the christening. Invitations could also include an RSVP so that you will know how many guests to plan for.

Baby's clothes

Next, prepare your child's baptism outfit. This is usually a long white or cream gown that is worn by both girls and boys. If you have a family gown that has been passed down through the generations, it would be more memorable to have your baby wear it and keep the tradition alive. It is also advisable to have some spare clothes for your baby just in case accidents happen.


Ensure you don't forget the memories of your child's baptism with a professional photographer. They say pictures say a thousand words, so why not capture these beautiful moments with a camera? Assign someone to take candid photos as well, because they will be priceless in years to come.


No party is complete without any decorations! You may choose a theme and stick to a colour palette. Your decorations need not be extravagant and can simply consist of a few flowers, banners and balloons. You can use these to decorate your venue and add colour for the rest of the day.

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