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The Top 10 University Ball Venues Sydney


Terrace Room at L'Aqua

Function Venue

Terrace Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park, Sydney NSW 2000

4.1 (323)



Gold Room at L'Aqua

Function Venue

Terrace Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park, Sydney NSW 2000

4.1 (323)



Quay Room 2 and Cockle Bay Rooms (1&2) at Dockside

Function Venue

Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

4.1 (279)



Watermans Room at 12 Micron

Function Venue

2/100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo NSW 2000, Australia

4.2 (580)



Lake Room + Pond 1 at Waterview Bicentennial Park

Function Venue

Bicentennial Drive, Sydney Olympic Park NSW, Australia

4.4 (918)



Entire Venue at Dockside

Function Venue

Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

4.1 (279)



Lake Room + Pond Rooms at Waterview Bicentennial Park

Function Venue

Bicentennial Drive, Sydney Olympic Park NSW, Australia

4.4 (918)



Oxford 1 & 2 at Rydges Sydney Central


28 Albion Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

4.1 (1900)



The Elizabeth Room at Sir Stamford Circular Quay


93 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

4.3 (1288)



The Parkview at Doltone House Darling Island

Function Venue

48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

4.4 (547)


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Sydney University Ball Venue Hire Guide

Want your university ball to be a party to remember? Well, there are a number of key ingredients that go into the making of a legendary ball. And it all starts with picking the most awesome university ball venue ever. Check out our Sydney University Ball Venue Guide below for all the top tips.

Where can I find university ball venues in Sydney?

The city of Sydney is a popular location for university balls and therefore has many venues to choose from. With lots of schools spread all across Sydney NSW, it's no wonder every suburb or neighbourhood in the city has a number of venues and event spaces where schools can have their university ball. Check out the Sydney neighbourhoods where you can start your search for the university ball venue of your dreams.

Sydney CBD

There are quite a number of universities in this area. For that reason alone, you can find lots of elegant venues and event spaces that can be booked for a university ball and other school functions in the Sydney CBD.

Sydney Central Business District also has plenty of hotels with large conference rooms or banquet rooms from Hyde Park to Sydney Harbour that would be great for a university ball. Restaurants also have banquet rooms or other large spaces that can be reserved for school functions and celebrations. If you're planning a cocktail party, Sydney CBD is the perfect location for a university ball due to its central location and abundance of venues.

Bars and nightclubs in this convenient location are popular venues for school balls, especially those that can accommodate a large number of guests. It is also close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so you can get some great photos with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.


Bondi is one of Sydney's best-known locations because of its world-famous beach. The ambience is perfect for a school ball, which is why Bondi Beach has been witness to a lot of these school affairs through the years.

You can book a waterfront hotel, outdoor spaces or other possible locations like a restaurant or a function venue in this area. Bondi is also home to numerous bars and nightclubs that can be booked for a university ball.


This is an extremely popular location for school balls because of its concentration of hotels, clubs and bars where you can host your event. The inner-city suburb of Darlinghurst is known for its collection of multicultural restaurants, which are great if you have students from different nationalities attending your uni ball.

Sutherland Shire

The Sutherland Shire is mainly a residential suburb, though it has its share of industrial and commercial areas. Included in these commercial areas are event venues and function spaces where people hold events such as school balls. The Shire has heaps of pubs, bars and restaurants, many of which have function rooms or large spaces that can be booked for private parties.


The inner-city suburb of Chippendale is known for its old warehouses converted into modern homes and commercial spaces. Many of these commercial establishments can be the university ball venue you've been searching for.

Chippendale has plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels that have ample space to hold a school party. The Old Clare Hotel, for one, has a number of function rooms and spaces that can be booked for school events.


Pyrmont used to be an industrial area but is now popular for being one of the entertainment hubs in Sydney NSW. This is mainly because of the Star Casino complex where people can enjoy a wide variety of bars, cafes and boutiques. Pyrmont is also known for the restaurants that line the wharf.

There are also plenty of hotels with function rooms that you can book for your student event. Hotels usually already have a great AV technology setup, which will make one less thing to worry about during preparations for your event.

While your chosen venue will surely be amazing, the many interesting things you can do in Pyrmont will definitely make your night even more unforgettable.


The inner-west suburb of Newtown with its feels is another popular choice for university students looking for ball venues. It's home to a number of commercial establishments, such as cafes and restaurants, that have function rooms that can be booked for private parties.

There are also several hotels in the area with large spaces perfect for your school celebration. There's also the historic Enmore Theatre, which is perfect for a masquerade ball.

Darling Harbour

Around the Darling Harbour area, you'll find some of Sydney's best entertainment venues. These include theatres, music halls and other large spaces perfect for hosting a formal school event. The restaurants along the Darling Harbour are also great if you want to host dinner for guests before or after your university ball. The options are truly unlimited here.

Coogee Area

If you're looking for a great venue in a beachy area, then Coogee is your best bet. There are also plenty of restaurants along the streets that you can book as venues for your student ball. The Coogee Beach is one of the largest in Sydney and will be a nice backdrop for photos with your guests.


The suburb of Mosman has a number of quality venues such as function halls and restaurants you can book for your university ball. The bistros, bars and cafes here are nice settings for casual dinner locations after the ball. These spots are perfect if you just want to take it easy with your guests.

Western Sydney

Western Sydney is also a great option when it comes to university ball venues. This region offers a diverse range of venues that cater to different tastes and preferences. This is the perfect spot for students who are looking for a unique and vibrant atmosphere for their university ball.

Surry Hills

Surry Hills, located in the inner city of Sydney, is a vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood that offers a range of unique and stylish venues for university ball events. Whether you're looking for a trendy rooftop space or an elegant ballroom, Surry Hills has something to suit every taste and budget.

Northern Beaches

Northern Beaches are another great location to consider when looking for university ball venues in Sydney. This area is known for its stunning coastal views and relaxed atmosphere, making it a popular choice for events. Venues with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beach are particularly desirable for university balls, allowing guests to enjoy the panoramic views as they dance the night away.

Potts Point

Potts Point is a trendy and vibrant neighbourhood located just east of the Sydney CBD. It offers a range of unique and stylish venues that are perfect for hosting a university ball.

The Rocks and Circular Quay

These two areas are great if you want to have an awe-inspiring view of Sydney Harbour during your school event. The Rocks is a historic area that will make your venue feel more special. This is also home to the famous Sydney Opera House, which can definitely be part of your night's backdrop depending on what type of venue you book.

Circular Quay is where you can find international and local venues that are perfect for a big event. There are also several award-winning restaurants and hotels here if you want to have dinner before or after the ball. There's simply no shortage of great spaces in these areas that will make for one memorable night for all your guests.

What are the best types of Sydney university venues?

You'll never be short of options with regard to university ball venues in Sydney. Now it all boils down to what kind of venue you're aiming for. If you prefer a more intimate party with cocktail drinks and delicious food, you can book a hotel banquet room or a function room in a restaurant. If you want to take advantage of the stunning outdoor setting, look for a place near the beach. You may also want to consider these Sydney School formal venues.


Sydney hotels are perfect for hosting large school events since most already have banquet halls, function rooms, restaurants and bars. They also have other amenities that guests can take full advantage of. A hotel can offer packages that include food, drinks and audio-visual equipment, allowing you a seamless night of celebration without worries. A ballroom venue is a popular choice within hotels, as it provides a grand and elegant setting for a university ball. With spacious dance floors, high ceilings, and sophisticated decor, a ballroom creates a memorable atmosphere for students to enjoy.

Waterfront venues

The venues around Sydney Harbour are perfect for a university ball because of their proximity to world-renowned landmarks. You can have dinner by the water and take pictures with the stunning Sydney Opera House or Harbour Bridge as a backdrop. Whether you're looking for an outdoor venue or indoor venue, the waterfront venues in Sydney in Cockle Bay Wharf for example offer a unique and breathtaking experience for your university ball.

Similarly, a beachfront location can provide a relaxed and casual atmosphere, while still maintaining the elegance and sophistication of a university ball. With breathtaking views, natural light and spectacular sunsets, a beachfront venue adds a touch of magic to any university ball.

Dining Rooms

Private dinners in dining rooms are a great option for a more intimate and exclusive university ball experience. Many upscale restaurants in Sydney offer private dining rooms that can be exclusively booked for your event. This stunning venue type provides an elegant and sophisticated ambience, perfect for a formal university ball.

Rooftop venue

As you search for the perfect university ball venue in Sydney, consider the option of a rooftop venue, offering breathtaking views. Sydney's skyline is iconic, and hosting your event on a rooftop will elevate the ambience and provide a memorable experience for all attendees. A venue with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House will add a touch of glamour to your university ball. Imagine dancing the night away under the stars, with the city lights as your backdrop.

Clubs and bars

If you want a dance party for your school event, book a club or bar with a dance floor. The ambience will be perfect for your guests to let loose and just have some fun. A club would also give you the option of hosting an after-party at another venue that will carry on until dawn. You can have your entire uni event in one place if you go for a club venue or opt for multiple venues to create the effect of a night-long party.

Blank Canvas Space

If you're looking for a versatile space where you can unleash your creativity and design the university ball of your dreams, then a blank canvas venue is the perfect choice. These venues provide a blank slate that allows you to transform the space according to your vision. From lighting and decorations to stage setups and themed props, you have complete control over the ambience and aesthetics of your event.

Other unique venue options

Aside from the usual function halls, hotels and clubs, there are other interesting places you can book for your Sydney university ball. Consider an art gallery, a theatre or even a museum as potential venues. You can also consider outdoor venues like manicured gardens. These will definitely make your next event stand out and give your guests an experience they won't forget anytime soon.

Things to consider when booking university ball venues in Sydney

Once you've decided on the general area or theme of your event, it's time to start looking for specific venues in Sydney. Here are some factors you need to consider when booking a venue for your school ball:


The location is important because you need to make sure that your guests will be able to find the venue easily. If you're having dinner before the ball, pick a place that's near the after-party venue so your guests don't have to go far when it's time to dance the night away. Its proximity to public transportation is also worth looking at, like how far is it to the bus station or Central station for example.


The size of the venue is also crucial because you need to make sure that it can accommodate all your guests comfortably. If you're expecting a large crowd, pick a place that's big enough to accommodate everyone without feeling cramped. Also, do you need an exclusive venue hire or would a dedicated space work for your event? Consider the number of attendees and the layout of the venue to determine if it can accommodate your needs.


Of course, you'll also need to consider the price when booking university ball venues in Sydney. Make sure to compare rates and see which venue gives you the most value for your money. Check if they offer an event package that includes everything you need for your ball, such as catering, audiovisual equipment, and decorations. Some venues may offer discounted rates for weekday events or during off-peak seasons, so be sure to inquire about any special promotions or deals.


Check the amenities that are included in the venue rental fee. Some places already have AV facilities, furniture and catering services available. Some even have a dedicated events team. Others may charge extra for these things, so it's important to ask about this beforehand.

Venue Type

The type of venue you choose will also affect the overall cost. If you want a more intimate setting, you can book a function room in a hotel or a restaurant. If you're looking for a larger space to accommodate more guests, consider an outdoor venue like a park or beach. Beautiful party venues for university ball events in Sydney come in various types to suit different preferences and budgets.

Food and Drinks

Another thing to consider when booking university ball venues in Sydney is the food and drinks. Some places already have catering services available as well as food and beverage packages, while others may require you to bring your own food and drinks. Make sure to ask about this beforehand so you can budget accordingly.

Explore more university ball venues in Sydney

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Sydney university ball venues cost?

Based on VenueNow's historic data, on average, Sydney university ball venues cost between 60 per person and 90 per person. For example, a 200 person university ball would cost approximately 12000-18000. Costs may differ based on your food and beverage requirements, AV requirements, event date and time and the type of venue you decide to book.

What are the top Sydney university ball venues?

Here are some of our favourite Sydney university ball venues:

  • The Eveliegh by the Grounds
  • InterContinental Double Bay
  • L'Aqua
  • 12 Micron
  • Cropley House
  • Rydges Sydney Central
  • Dockside
  • Sofitel Sydney Wentworth
  • Watersedge at Campbell's Stores
  • QT Sydney
  • Doltone House Hyde Park
  • Gunners Barracks
  • Rydges World Square
  • Waterview Bicentennial Park
  • The Tea Room Queen Victoria Building

How do I find and book Sydney university ball venues?

Finding and booking a Sydney university ball venue is easy with VenueNow, simply follow these steps:1. Enter Sydney as your location and university ball as your event type into VenueNow's search engine.2. Narrow down your search results by entering more filters such as number of people, event date, room layout and budget.3. Send enquiries to venues to request pricing and availability (we recommend sending 3-5 enquiries to different venues to ensure you get the best price).4. Review your quotes and connect directly with your favourite venues to book a site visit and finalise your booking.5. Host your event!

How far in advance should I book a Sydney university ball venue?

On average, VenueNow customers book a Sydney venue 90 days in advance of the event. For larger events and event dates in December we recommend allowing additional time as there may be limited availability.

Can VenueNow help me find a Sydney university ball venue?

We sure can! VenueNow's team of Venue Booking Experts can help you find the perfect venue, collect quotes from multiple venues on your behalf, negotiate the best price with venues and book venues, all for free. Simply send us your event brief and our team will be in contact with venue recommendations within 24-48 hours.

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