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221 30th Birthday Party venues for hire in Brisbane

40 - 180 Person Event Space

209 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley Brisbane, QLD, Australia

200 Person Meeting Space

230 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

40 - 60 Person Event Space

68 Petrie Terrace, QLD 4000, Australia

30 Person Event Space

321 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

100 - 200 Person Event Space

230 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

220 Person Event Space

68 Petrie Terrace, QLD 4000, Australia

100 - 250 Person Meeting Space

230 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

22 - 35 Person Event Space

11 Wandoo St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

100 Person Event Space

144 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

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Brisbane 30th Birthday Party Venue Hire Guide

Cheers to 30! Turning 30 is a milestone you'll definitely want to celebrate with your friends and family. If you're considering a 30th birthday bash in Brisbane, we're here to help you decide where to hold your 30th birthday party in this vibrant city. Check out our Brisbane 30th Birthday Party Venue Guide for all the tips and tricks!

Where can I find amazing 30th birthday party venues in Brisbane?

Brisbane is an amazing city with a lot of beautiful places to celebrate a special birthday. If you're on the hunt for a birthday party venue that will wow your guests, start your search in these Brisbane suburbs:

Brisbane CBD

Surrounded by the Brisbane River, the CBD is a hub of activity, filled with some of the most unique restaurants, bars and function rooms Brisbane has to offer. If you're looking for a venue to host a large crowd in Brisbane, look no further than some of the award-winning hotels and versatile function venues in the city centre. There are also some really fun venues on Wickham Street, where you can get a feel for the vibe of this buzzing area.

New Farm

New Farm has some beautiful parks that are perfect for 30th birthday parties. You could also enjoy a delicious picnic lunch at New Farm Park and watch the kiteboarders on Mooloolaba Esplanade. It's a nice way to spend your special day if you don't want to be in a stuffy venue all day long.

Bracken Ridge

Located in the north of Brisbane, Bracken Ridge is a small suburb with plenty to offer! Like New Farm, you'll also find some beautiful parks that are perfect for birthday parties and picnics.

Mount Gravatt

If you want something more casual for your 30th birthday bash, try Mount Gravatt. Most of the venues around here have a relaxed atmosphere that will really let you enjoy your time with family and friends.

Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley is a great place to host a 30th birthday party! This area offers you the chance to have an amazing night out at one of the many restaurants or clubs here. There are amazing eateries that'll suit all occasions, including milestone birthdays, as well as bar or lounge function spaces for cocktail style parties. There's also plenty of traditional hotels if you're looking for something more formal. For something more casual, there are independent wine bars that offer interesting menus and relaxed dining settings. There's plenty to choose from in this fun neighbourhood!

South Brisbane

South Brisbane has a great range of restaurants and bars, especially if you're on the Brisbane River. You'll also find plenty of parks for 30th birthday parties here. If you want something more exclusive, there are some popular restaurants in the area with private dining rooms you can book for your 30th birthday party.


Carindale has a lot of affordable dining options as well as great amenities like parks and shopping centres. There are also plenty of areas nearby where you can bar hop or dance the night away at clubs and bars!

What types of 30th birthday party venues are there in Brisbane?

From luxe cocktail bars to bushland settings, Brisbane has 30th birthday party venues to suit every taste. If you're unsure as to which venue to hire for your 30th birthday party, consider these popular venue types in Brisbane:

Banquet halls

Banquet halls are great for formal events. If you're wanting a sit-down, traditional style event for your 30th birthday party, then a banquet hall is your best bet. What's great about banquet halls is that they often have the best range of facilities and provide more space than other venues.

Boutique hotels

Boutique hotels in Brisbane offer a contemporary appeal and unique atmosphere with lots of character and flair. They're great for intimate celebrations such as 30th birthday parties because you don't need to rent out an entire venue. When you hold your party at a boutique hotel in Brisbane, there's no limit to what you can do with your event given their flexible, modern style and ability to customize catering options. Plus, many boutique hotels are found around the city centre, which means guests may not even need to drive!

Garden venues

A garden venue in Brisbane is ideal for a 30th birthday party because it boasts both rustic and elegant features. There are many gardens that have been converted into event spaces in Brisbane, meaning you can host your party virtually anywhere — from the city centre to the outskirts of town. Plus, garden venues often provide good catering options, making them a great choice for your 30th birthday party.


Renting out a restaurant for your 30th birthday party is a classy way to celebrate. The prices of restaurants in Brisbane are generally reasonable, and the fact that many restaurants offer private rooms means you don't need to hire out an entire venue. There are loads of great inner-city restaurants in Brisbane where you can hold your 30th birthday party — this is only amplified by a large number of suburbs with excellent local eateries.

Function Rooms

Function rooms are venues that often come complete with a kitchen, bar and tables. They're perfect for functions where food is required or desired. The best function rooms in Brisbane have the capacity to cater for up to 300 people. What's more, many of them offer catering packages as well as self-catering options so you can choose what suits your needs best!

Cocktail Bars

Brisbane's rooftop cocktail bars are great for 30th birthday parties because they offer picturesque views as well as top-notch catering menus. Plus, there's no pressure to order expensive cocktails! If you’re looking for somewhere really special for your 30th birthday party venue hire, then the cocktail bar is probably your best bet given their unique atmosphere and range of facilities available. What's more, many cocktail bars have private dining rooms which means you don't need

Tips for planning a 30th birthday party on a budget

It's always a good idea to plan a budget for your 30th birthday party as this helps make sure that you don't get too carried away with the costs of organising it. Here are some tips on how to go about planning your 30th birthday party on a budget:

Set a realistic budget

When planning your 30th birthday party, it's important to set a budget for yourself because if you spend too much money on your party, then you may not be able to enjoy it as much as you should.

Book early

When booking your 30th birthday party venue, you should always try to book as early as possible to avail of discounted rates and special offers. People who book early will also be eligible for free upgrades and other benefits that may not have been available if they had waited late to book. If possible, try holding your 30th birthday party during off-peak times such as weekdays or mid-morning or early evening when prices tend to not be as high.

Get crafting

If you enjoy doing arts and crafts such as knitting, scrapbooking, decoupage or any other type of creative hobby, then you should consider making your own decorations for your 30th birthday party. This has many benefits including giving you a chance to express yourself and it's also much cheaper than buying readymade decorations from shops. If you have friends who enjoy doing arts and crafts, enlist their help with the venue decor, invitations, table centrepieces and other elements of the party.

Do some research

When planning a budget for your 30th birthday party, it's important to do some research into the costs involved with organising different aspects of the party. This way, you'll know how much funding each part of your party will need. By doing this, you'll be better able to prioritise and allocate your party funds, which will help you stick to your budget.

Double-check all prices

Lastly, make sure all vendors provide quotes in writing so there are no misunderstandings about costs when organising your 30th birthday party. Remember that just because someone gives you an estimate doesn't mean it's gospel; always confirm final prices before proceeding with your party planning. Be wary of hidden costs and always read the fine print before signing anything.

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