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The Top 10 Corporate Function Venues Sydney


Darling Rooms and Quay Room 1 at Dockside

Function Venue

Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

4.1 (279)



Exclusive Hire at Cockle Bay Yacht Club


Cockle Bay Yacht Club, Wheat Road, Sydney NSW, Australia




Gold Room at L'Aqua

Function Venue

Terrace Level, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park, Sydney NSW 2000

4.1 (323)



The Surry Rooftop at Rydges Sydney Central


28 Albion Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

4.1 (1900)



Luxurious Penthouse, Exclusive Use at ivy

Function Venue

320-330 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

3.9 (3831)



Watermans Room at 12 Micron

Function Venue

2/100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo NSW 2000, Australia

4.2 (580)



Naughty Corner at Verandah Bar


55-65 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

4.1 (959)



Harbour View Bar + Lounge at Hyde Hacienda


61 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

3.8 (828)



Kent 1 & 2 Natural Light Filled Event Space at Fraser Suites Sydney


488 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

4.3 (859)



Harbour View Terrace - South at Cafe Del Mar

Function Venue

Rooftop Terrace, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

4.1 (1494)


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Sydney Corporate Function Venue Hire Guide

Planning a corporate event in Sydney NSW? There's so much variety when it comes to Sydney corporate event venues. From hotels to restaurants, convention centres to coworking spaces, there's no shortage of modern, cosy and impressive corporate event venues in this magnificent city.

Where can I find corporate function venues in Sydney?

Sydney has many great corporate function venues across all its suburbs. You'll surely find one that meets your needs, capacity and expectations in these neighbourhoods:

Sydney CBD

The Sydney Central Business District is one of the best places in the city to look for corporate function venues. It's filled with event spaces and conference state-of-the-art venues that have everything you need to hold a successful corporate event. Whether you're planning training sessions, an intimate meeting or any business function, the Sydney CBD offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Here, you'll find locations where you can hold cocktail parties and dinner events with stunning views over the Harbour Bridge. Sydney CBD also has convention centres with breakout spaces, the latest technology and state-of-the-art amenities to help you organise a smooth-running corporate event.

Furthermore, York Street is located right in the heart of the Sydney CBD and is home to some fantastic corporate function venues. This central location offers a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to host their events.

Surry Hills

Surry Hills is another of Sydney's suburbs where you can search for the right venue for your corporate event. With lots of nice cafes, Surry Hills is a great place to hold a dinner party, afternoon tea or business lunch meeting if you want something more casual.

There are also rooftop bars in this part of Sydney that are great for cocktail parties. The stunning city views from the top of these buildings add a luxurious feel to any corporate event.

If you want to have a corporate conference with more meetings and presentations than dinner parties and cocktail events, Surry Hills is the best place for this. This area has function rooms that are set up specifically for small business conferences.


Newtown has some great corporate function venues as well. You can find bars and restaurants with private rooms for smaller groups, or you can get together with your team for a big cocktail party at one of the city's rooftop bars.

Newtown doesn't have many function rooms and is best for cocktail parties. However, some function venues can be used for dinner as well as presentations.

Potts Point

You'll find a high concentration of restaurants in Potts Point that are great for holding a wide range of events like corporate events. These spaces let you enjoy dinner before holding your business meeting, product launch or other corporate events in the same building. Potts Point also has a number of hotels with amazing function rooms that are perfect for large cocktail parties or small receptions.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour features an iconic convention centre that is home to large trade shows, but it also has many bars and restaurants where you can hold your own event with picturesque waterfront views of the harbour and Cockle Bay Wharf. If you want to have a cocktail party or small gala, Darling Harbour is perfect for this purpose. This waterfront location is also a great place to host a small conference, business meeting, press conference or other indoor events.

The Rocks

If you want to combine a business conference with a stunning view of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city skyline, The Rocks is the best choice because of its many heritage and contemporary eateries and bars. You'll find many elegant pubs and award-winning restaurants here that have private rooms for small conferences. The Rocks also has some great function spaces, meeting rooms, conference venues and private lounges that make this area one of the best in Sydney for corporate function venues.

Circular Quay

Circular Quay is another excellent option for corporate function venues in Sydney. Located right in the heart of the city and overlooking Sydney Harbour, Circular Quay offers a picturesque and vibrant setting for your corporate event.

There are a variety of venues to choose from in Circular Quay, catering to different types and sizes of corporate functions. From upscale restaurants with private dining rooms to contemporary event spaces with panoramic views, you'll find something to suit your needs in this prime location.

North Sydney

North Sydney is another popular area for corporate function venues in Sydney. Located just across the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, North Sydney offers a convenient and easily accessible location for your corporate events.

One of the main attractions of North Sydney is its stunning uninterrupted views. Many venues in this area offer panoramic views of the harbour, creating a picturesque backdrop for your corporate function. Whether you're hosting a cocktail party, a gala dinner, or a networking event, the waterfront venues in North Sydney provide the perfect space for your next event.


Haymarket is the perfect place for a business lunch or cocktail party because of its proximity to Darling Harbour, Sydney Olympic Park and Chinatown. This is the perfect location for those who want to impress their clients or colleagues with a vibrant and multicultural atmosphere.

Western Sydney

Another great option for corporate function venues in Sydney is Western Sydney. This area offers a range of venues that can cater to all types of corporate events.

One of the benefits of choosing a venue in Western Sydney is the ample space available. Many venues in this area offer large function rooms that can accommodate a high number of guests. This is particularly advantageous if you are planning a larger-scale corporate event such as a conference or a product launch. Additionally, Western Sydney is known for its modern and contemporary venues. You can find venues with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, spacious breakout areas, and stylish interiors. These venues provide a professional and sophisticated setting for your corporate function.

What kinds of corporate function venues are popular in Sydney?

There are different kinds of corporate functions. You have business dinners, lunch meetings, press conferences, product launches, networking events, charity events, company parties, and a host of other corporate events. All these require the right event space with the right amenities in the right location. Your choice of corporate function venue will largely depend on the type of event you'll be having.

Fortunately, Sydney is filled with a wide range of commercial establishments and other event venues that can cater to all your event needs. The following is a list of some of the common corporate function venues in Sydney:

Meeting rooms and conference facilities

There are plenty of meeting rooms and workshop spaces in a range of settings to fit your demands all over Sydney, ranging to sub 20 people meeting rooms for your team to grand conference rooms.

You can find these in hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and even in some office buildings. These venues are perfect for small corporate meetings, conferences, seminars, and other corporate events that require a more formal setting.

These are just 9 of the meeting rooms in Sydney you should book today!

Retail stores

If you want to do a retail store event, you won't run out of options. Sydney has lots of malls where you can find a store to host your event. The Pitt Street Mall, for one, is the go-to shopping location in the CBD. If you're planning a product launch or any store-related event then a place like this is perfect.

Blank Canvas venues

For a more unique corporate event experience, you can consider holding your event in a blank canvas venue. These are places that can be transformed to suit your specific event needs. There are many of these venues all over Sydney, and they're perfect for large events like product launches, galas, conferences, and the like.

Check out these 9 black canvas venues in Sydney.

Rooftop bars

For a more private corporate event with some cocktails and food involved, rooftop bars are the event venue of choice. Sydney is home to some of the most beautiful rooftop bars in the world. The best part about these places is that they're usually available for private events. These establishments offer great casual dining options and their stunning views make them a perfect place for your corporate function venues.


There are plenty of hotels in Sydney that offer function rooms and conference facilities. Hotels are a popular choice for corporate events because they offer everything you need under one roof. From accommodation to catering and AV facilities, they have it all. Plus, most hotels have multiple function rooms that can accommodate large groups. They even have floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor space options for your next business event.

Some of our favourite hotel event venues Sydney has to offer include Sofitel Sydney WentworthQT SydneyPullman Sydney Hyde ParkRydges Sydney CentralParkroyal Darling Harbour, Novotel Sydney Darling Square and Kimpton Margot Sydney.


If you prefer beer over wine, then a brewery is another great venue for your corporate function event. A brewery is a fun and delightful venue for team-building events, company parties and other casual corporate events.


If you want something a little more laidback than bars and breweries, then a cafe is your best choice. Sydney is filled with all types of cafes and restaurants that are perfect for corporate functions like casual meeting gatherings. In fact, if you want to have your event in the business district, there's no better place than a trendy cafe at one of the area's premier shopping malls.


Sydney restaurant venues are plentiful and will cater to all your needs. For large-scale private functions like corporate events, you can rent out an entire restaurant. If you need smaller event spaces for intimate events, you can simply book a private dining room in the restaurant of your choice.

The best part of having your corporate event in a restaurant is that most of them offer in-house catering services. And you can choose from their wide selection of best-selling dishes, or even request dishes that are not on the menu. Restaurants also have experienced staff members who will make sure everything goes smoothly during your corporate event.

Points to ponder before choosing a corporate function venue in Sydney

The best corporate function venue will depend on what kind of event you're planning to do. You should also consider the number of people you're expecting to attend your party. To give you an even more detailed idea of how to choose the right one from the many corporate function venues in Sydney, here are a few more points to consider:

The location of the venue affects the cost

If you choose a venue near the city, then expect it to be more expensive than one located in an uncongested area. If you're planning a formal event, then a venue near the city or at a popular shopping mall would be best. But if you're planning something more casual like a networking party, then a more casual venue in a less expensive part of the city will do.

Also, if you have a lot of guests who are coming into town for your corporate event, transportation costs can add up, especially if you need to arrange shuttles or taxis for your attendees. Choosing a venue that is conveniently located near the Sydney Airport can save you both time and money. Your guests will appreciate being able to easily arrive at the venue after their flight, without having to travel long distances or face heavy traffic.

Check the venue ambience

In addition to considering the convenience of the venue's location, it is also important to check the ambience of the space. The atmosphere of a venue can greatly impact the overall experience of your corporate event.

When evaluating the ambience, consider the style and decor of the venue. Does it align with the theme or purpose of your event? A modern and sleek venue may be ideal for a tech conference or product launch, while a more traditional and elegant space might be more suitable for a formal gala or awards ceremony.

Lighting also plays a crucial role in setting the mood of an event. Ensure that the venue has ample lighting options, including both natural light and adjustable lighting fixtures. This will allow you to create the desired ambience and atmosphere for your corporate function.

Another important aspect to consider is the acoustics of the venue. A venue with poor acoustics can make it difficult for attendees to hear presentations or engage in conversations. Look for spaces that have soundproofing or acoustic treatment to provide optimal audio conditions for your event. So whether you're planning indoor conferences with skyline views or lavish parties with magnificent harbour views, Sydney offers a wide range of corporate function venues that cater to every need and preference.

Ask about additional fees

Apart from location, other factors can affect a corporate function venue's rate. Some venues have additional fees for things like security or equipment. Ask the venue manager about additional fees before you lock in your venue.

Check for the seating capacity

When it comes to choosing a corporate function venue in Sydney, it is crucial to consider the seating capacity. The venue should be able to comfortably accommodate all of your attendees without feeling overcrowded or cramped.

Plan for the weather

If you're planning an outdoor event, then make sure to keep the weather in mind. Plan outdoor event options that have roofing and cover, especially if there's a chance of rain during your event. If you're after an outdoor venue, enquire about contingencies and equipment like umbrellas, heaters and retractable roofs.

Consider secure parking space

Another thing to look at is the availability of onsite parking and whether or not there's enough parking space near the venue for the number of people you're having. Some venues charge for parking whilst others offer it for free. You may also want to look for a venue with paid parking services nearby. A convenient location is essential for a corporate function, especially if attendees are travelling from different locations. Having ample and secure parking options will make it easier for guests to attend the event without having to worry about finding a parking spot.

Check for packages

Some venues offer meeting packages, different conference package options and discounted rates for corporate events. When searching for corporate function venues in Sydney, it's important to check for these packages.

Ask about food and drinks availability

If you're planning a corporate function, you want to make sure that the venue has food and beverages for guests. Ask if they have menus, staff who can cater to your needs and equipment like tables and chairs. Some venues even have award-winning catering options so you're sure to find something that will suit your taste and budget.

Enquire about the venue's facilities

One of the most important things you should check on is if your corporate function venue has all the necessary equipment for your event. Think audio-visual equipment, projector, screens, videoconferencing equipment and so on. Your contemporary meeting spaces should be equipped with the latest technology to ensure a seamless and successful event.

Find your perfect Sydney corporate function venue for your next event

If you want more information on a wide range of corporate event spaces in Sydney NSW 2000, you should check out VenueNow. Make your conference preparation a breeze! Venue Now is the country's largest marketplace for social and corporate venues, giving you access to thousands of curated venues across Australia. Whether you're planning intimate boardroom meetings, networking sessions, larger conferences, cocktail-style parties or larger-sized event gatherings, Sydney has a wide range of corporate function venues to suit your needs. Try it today and book your venue for your next corporate event with VenueNow! Plan your next memorable event today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Sydney corporate function venues cost?

Based on VenueNow's historic data, on average, Sydney corporate function venues cost between 70 per person and 105 per person. For example, a 200 person corporate function would cost approximately 14000-21000. Costs may differ based on your food and beverage requirements, AV requirements, event date and time and the type of venue you decide to book.

What are the top Sydney corporate function venues?

Here are some of our favourite Sydney corporate function venues:

  1. ivy Sydney
  2. Sofitel Sydney Wentworth
  3. Dockside
  4. L'Aqua
  5. Cafe Del Mar
  6. Cruise Bar
  7. Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf
  8. Rydges World Square
  9. 12 Micron
  10. Doltone House Hyde Park

How do I find and book Sydney corporate function venues?

Finding and booking a Sydney corporate function venue is easy with VenueNow, simply follow these steps:1. Enter Sydney as your location and corporate function as your event type into VenueNow's search engine.2. Narrow down your search results by entering more filters such as number of people, event date, room layout and budget.3. Send enquiries to venues to request pricing and availability (we recommend sending 3-5 enquiries to different venues to ensure you get the best price).4. Review your quotes and connect directly with your favourite venues to book a site visit and finalise your booking.5. Host your event!

How far in advance should I book a Sydney corporate function venue?

On average, VenueNow customers book a Sydney venue 90 days in advance of the event. For larger events and event dates in December we recommend allowing additional time as there may be limited availability.

Can VenueNow help me find a Sydney corporate function venue?

We sure can! VenueNow's team of Venue Booking Experts can help you find the perfect venue, collect quotes from multiple venues on your behalf, negotiate the best price with venues and book venues, all for free. Simply send us your event brief and our team will be in contact with venue recommendations within 24-48 hours.

150,000+ customers have used VenueNow to find the perfect venue.

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