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100+ Conference venues for hire in Adelaide

30 - 150 Person Event Space

Corner of Botanic and Hackney Road, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

250 - 600 Person Event Space

Corner of Botanic and Hackney Road, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

120 - 300 Person Event Space

1 South Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

120 - 220 Person Event Space

Corner of Botanic and Hackney Road, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

30 - 150 Person Event Space

Corner of Botanic and Hackney Road, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

160 - 360 Person Event Space

16 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

15 - 40 Person Event Space

16 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

28 - 90 Person Event Space

16 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

28 - 90 Person Event Space

16 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

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Adelaide Conference Venue Hire Guide

Adelaide is a great place to hold a conference of any kind. There are many different types of venues for conferences with varying degrees of services, features and sizes available. Some venues may even have a complex that will allow you to hold multiple events at one time.

Here's a quick guide to the conference venues you'll find in this wonderful city and what to consider before booking your perfect Adelaide conference venue:

How to choose a conference venue in Adelaide

Are you looking for a large venue to hold many people or do you need a smaller venue with more intimate surroundings? Do you need adjacent rooms to have breakout sessions during your convention? These are just two of the many questions you should ask yourself when finding a conference venue.

Here are a few more factors to consider:


If your conference is expected to attract guests not only from Adelaide or South Australia but from all over the country and even other parts of the world, you need to choose the right location for it. Your conference venue should be situated somewhere that is easily and conveniently accessible. If you're expecting an international group, for example, you should book an event venue that is near the Adelaide airport.

At the same time, think of a place where your guests will want to go. It should be somewhere they would choose to visit if they were on an Australian vacation. We're talking about tourist attractions and other locations that feature Australian heritage and culture.

Capacity and number of participants

The number of guests you expect to come to your conference is another factor that will help you choose a good venue. Consider how many delegates can be accommodated in that space and still have a comfortable conference experience. For example, there are small venues in Adelaide with beautiful rooms that can seat only 30 to 50 people. But it's unlikely they will be the perfect option if you're expecting at least 100 delegates for your conference.


Consider the hotels, motels and rentals within the vicinity of your potential conference room or convention centre. You need to make sure that your guests will be able to get affordable accommodations with a high standard of comfort.

If you're planning a large international conference, for example, this particular factor is especially important. International guests might expect to have luxurious rooms in top-notch hotels or other venues that can match the high standard of comfort they are used to in their countries. A good venue will work with local providers to make sure there'll be plenty of accommodation available in close proximity to the venue.

Dining options

Your delegates and speakers will need access to good food during their time at the conference. It's part of a high-quality event experience. Search for food catering services near the venue so you can serve lunch to your guests without them leaving the place.

You should also check out the restaurant options within walking distance of your conference venue that the delegates can go to if they wish. An ideal choice for a meeting venue is one with an adequate supply of food options nearby. That way, you can be assured that all your guests will have access to good meals throughout their stay.

Audio Visual Equipment

Audiovisual equipment is one of the most important factors for hosting a great conference. This includes microphones, speakers and projectors. You're going to need high-quality equipment in order to make sure your delegates can hear you. They will also need a good visual experience when watching presentations or listening to the audio of those presentations. Some conference venues in Adelaide might have packages that include all the necessary audiovisual equipment for a great conference whereas others will charge additional costs for AV.

Accessibility and travel costs

You don't want your delegates spending most of their time on the road or stuck in traffic rather than attending sessions or interacting with each other at the event. Make sure your conference venue can be easily reached by foot, private vehicles and public transportation.

Consider the costs of travel, too. One option is to find a conference venue near the Adelaide airport. The fare will be a lot cheaper as opposed to a venue that's farther away.

Where to find the best conference venue in Adelaide

Using the factors that you have determined, you can narrow down your search for your ideal conference venue. To make things even easier, check out the following suburbs in Adelaide where such places are located.

Adelaide CBD

The Adelaide central business district is the ideal site for a conference, thanks to its central location and well-connected mass transport options. The city centre has many conference facilities that can accommodate presentations, breakout sessions and receptions for up to 700 participants.

The Adelaide Convention Centre is right at the heart of the CBD. It's a convenient location for your event, with plenty of dining options within walking distance. You can also find a number of meeting rooms at Hindmarsh Square.

The best thing about holding an event in the city centre is that your guests will be able to find every type of accommodation they want, from five-star hotels to Airbnbs. The city is also surrounded by all kinds of restaurants and cafes.

The only downside is that a lot of Adelaide's conference venues are already full during peak times. To ensure you get a suitable venue, book it as early as possible and select the dates carefully to avoid major events taking place in the same period.

North Adelaide

North Adelaide is another suburb situated near the city centre where you can find a wide variety of event spaces that are perfect for conferences, business meetings, team building sessions and other corporate events. Guests will love the historic architecture and cobblestone streets leading to some of Adelaide's best museums, chic boutiques and entertainment venues.

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills is located approximately 30 minutes from the city centre. This diverse part of Adelaide will allow you to mix business with pleasure. Restaurants and wineries make it a popular choice for destination events. There are also numerous historic country houses that are available for private functions. After your conference, guests can take a quick detour to the many farmsteads and vineyards in the area. They'll surely enjoy everything from croquet games to strawberry picking.


Glenelg is Adelaide's beachside suburb and the gateway to Fleurieu Peninsula. You can find hotels and other establishments that rent out spaces for conferences, banquets and weddings. The Stamford Grand Hotel, for one, has been a popular choice because of its historic ballroom. It's also conveniently close to some of Adelaide's best restaurants, cafes and shops.

Bedford Park

Bedford Park is a suburb situated on the southern side of the Adelaide Hills. It's quite popular for having Flinders University, one of the premier academic institutions in South Australia. It's also here that many businesses conduct conferences and other corporate events.

You can also find other venues that you can book for weddings, conferences and other private events. The community centre is a great choice because of its proximity to wineries and parks. You can also find historic homes in Bedford Park that are available for rent.


Beverley is a western suburb of Adelaide that has a range of possible event spaces you can choose from. A number of restaurants in the area can easily accommodate a large number of guests. Plus, they serve dishes popular from around the world. This is perfect if you're having delegates from other countries.

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